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Parents’ Rights and Responsibilities

Parents have the right:

  • To know that their child is cared for in a safe, supportive environment;
  • To confer with the Teacher(s), Directors concerns related to the child or the program;
  • To be told about serious misbehavior on the part of their child, and to visit with the teacher (s), directors in order to bring about improvement in the situation;
  • To be regularly informed by the directors about school activities.
  • To have access to their child at any time

Parents have the responsibility:

  • To pay fees on time;
  • To keep the child’s records up-to-date as explained in Enrollment Forms;
  • To drop-off and pick-up their child on time as explained in Arrival and Dismissal Section;
  • To follow health policy as explained in Health and Policy section;
  • To let the Directors know if their child will not be attending on a regularly scheduled day;
  • To take note of any communications from the Teacher (s), directors regarding their child’s behavior, and to cooperate in any efforts to bring about improvement in the situation;
  • To attempt to attend parent education meetings scheduled by the school

Children’s Rights and Responsibilities

Children have the right:

  • To have a safe, supportive, and consistent environment;
  • To use all the program equipment, materials, and facilities on an equal basis;
  • To have respectful treatment;
  • To have discipline that is fair and non-punitive;
  • To receive nurturing care from staff members who are actively involved with them

Children have the responsibility:

  • To be accountable for their actions;
  • To respect the school rules that guides them while at school;
  • To remain with the group and staff at all times;
  • To care for materials and equipment properly.